Wonderful Window Tint Work
in Vienna, WV

Auto Tint & Trim Always Gives Great Work to the Mid-Ohio Valley

More and more, many people are choosing to customize — and vastly improve — their car, truck, or SUV by applying window tint. And when drivers across the Mid-Ohio Valley decide to go with window tint, they make the smart decision to let Auto Tint & Trim in Vienna, WV, handle the job. We are the window tint experts.

To get the best window tint work available in Vienna, WV; Parkersburg, WV; Marietta, OH; and throughout the entire region, contact us today. Call us at (304) 865-8746 or email us at [email protected] for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

Do Yourself a Favor, and Consider Window Tint for Your Vehicle

Car and truck owners across the Mid-Ohio Valley would do themselves a big favor by considering window tint, as there are many aesthetic and practical benefits to it. Window tint will improve a vehicle’s exterior and protect its interior. Tints can block sunlight, keeping leather and vinyl from cracking and fabric upholstery from fading. It also lessens glare, making for a safer drive down the road. Window tint can even improve fuel economy by reducing the sunlight that enters a vehicle. This will keep a car cooler and reduce the need for air conditioning. And criminals are much less likely to break into a car if they cannot see what is inside.

We Work Wonders with Window Tint

At Auto Tint & Trim, we take pride in providing the best, most reliable window tint work in the Mid-Ohio Valley. We have been in business since 1996, and in that time, our team has gained the experience and knowledge to give our customers extraordinary results, every single time, at the best prices. Our team handles window tint work year-round. Why trust anyone else with your window tint needs? Call Auto Tint & Trim now.

Car Accessories, Fiberglass Toppers, and More

Auto Tint & Trim is much more than outstanding window tint work, though. We specialize in exceptional car customization, car accessories, and truck customization. From fiberglass toppers and tonneau covers, to remote starts and keyless entry systems, we handle it all. We do stock items from excellent brands like Raptor Series, Truck Hero, Leer, Go Industries, and WeatherTech, but most of our pieces are custom-made. Our customers can enjoy a unique experience with accessories made specifically for their vehicle. Our products always look great and work great.

Auto Tint & Trim in Vienna, WV, is your Mid-Ohio Valley destination for outstanding window tint.